Virtual Home Care Business Coaching (Instant Access)
Virtual Home Care Business Coaching (Instant Access)
Virtual Home Care Business Coaching (Instant Access)

Virtual Home Care Business Coaching (Instant Access)

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We are creating a awesome virtual learning space for the Home Care Business Community.

What's including:

Step by Step instructions:
* Entrepreneurship
* Home Care Business Establishment
* Home Care Business Compliance
* Staff & Caregiver Recruiting and Retention
* Payroll
* Caregiver Continued Education
* Prospecting Home Care Clients
* Software Vendors and other resources that will make your business run smoothly and keep cost down.

* Private Q&A Conference Calls

* Access To Private Facebook Group - Members Only

* Lifetime Access to virtual learning center

* Discussion Forum - A place where all the serious CNA 2 CEO community can meet and discuss progress and solutions.

* Access to the course from any devices on demand.

* Affiliate Opportunity

* 1/4th of the price of the original coaching program.

* On demand access to all lessons any time.

* Support through the entire process from us and other serious members of the community.

* Accountability

* Fear facing system for conquering all you fears related to starting you're home care business

In the spirit of making sure we reach out goal of helping 50 people Start Home Care Services this year. We want to ensure that everyone who comes in contact with #CNA2CEO is equipped with the necessary tools to make their dream of owning a home care service a reality.

  • Not only get assistance with outlining your vision for your new home care business but also creating a detailed vision for the life you want for you and your family.
  • Get an action plan in place that will be personalized for your unique situation. Whatever level you are on, we will meet you there and work out a Step-by-Step Plan of Action that you can execute daily.
  • Learn high level productivity methods that will ensure your days are structured in a manner that will produce results.
  • Accountability is a major part of our program because it's what everyone needs but few have access too. We will allow you to engage in our personal accountability session. These are personal sessions that force our coaching clients to keep there eyes on the prize and not be deterred by whatever life throws at them.
  • Other Added Value:
    • Accountability Sessions
    • Entrepreneur Development
    • Productivity Training
    • Lifestyle Vision Management
    • Building Business Credit
    • Personal Budget Assistants to prepare for home care business budget.

    If nothing else, you will have STARTED!! which is the hardest part in doing anything of significance.

    We have done lots of thinking about our coaching program. Even though we are way below other companies in the industry, much of our CNA 2 CEO family still can't afford the program.

    To ensure that we reach our goal of helping 50 CNA's become business owners in 2016 we have drastically restructured our pricing and programs.

    This new program will guide you step by step through the entire process holding your hand every step of the way.

    With these new prices there is no longer an excuse. We want to empower everyone who is willing to work hard and stay focused on there dream.

    This will be a very limited group of highly motivated individuals. To ensure everyone gets their necessary attention we will only be working with a small group.

    Access to weekly mastermind calls and Q & A sessions. - We will be hosting a weekly conference call that covers a set topic and after the topic is covered we will conduct a Q & A session. - Value of $97.00

    Marketing and Branding Consulting - We will show you exactly how we keep our phone ringing with new clients begging for our service.

    We not only tell you what's workings for us and what's workings in the industry over all. We work with you side by side in building a brand that will stand out in your marketplace.

    We help you design your marketing materials. The content for your brochures, websites and otherwise we provide.

    Competitor Market Analysis: Guide you through the pricing process to ensure you beat your competition while also making a nice profit. - Value of $397.00

    We walk you through the entire process of getting:

    Business License - We will assist you in getting your new business licensed to operate in your state. - Value of $197.00

    Incorporated - we will assist you fill out the paperwork to get an LLC. Value of $197.00

    Insured - We will assist you with the paperwork to get your new home care service insured with the insurers we are currently using. Value of $197.00

    -Bonded - We will a work with you in getting your company bonded based on your states requirements. Value of $197.00

    -Licensed - based on your states requirements we will hold your hand through the entire process. Value of $997.00

    Note: This program is first come first serve. Once we reach our limit registration will be closed for 6 months.