Assisted Living Setup & Management Program
Assisted Living Setup & Management Program
Assisted Living Setup & Management Program
Assisted Living Setup & Management Program

Assisted Living Setup & Management Program

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We are looking to partner with home owners and landlords to convert their properties into boutique style Assisted Living homes. 
We have a team that can setup your property, get the home licensed through the state, put staff in place, place residents and manage the community. 
The average in America today is $3,750 per month for a private room in assisted living. That includes everything from Medicare, Medicaid, to the highest privately paid. The idea of $3750 is average but you’re moe than likely going to be above average. You wouldn’t want to put mom in an average place, when you pull up you don’t even want to slow down the car.
Average or above, so $4,000 to $6,000 a month is what people pay for private assisted living homes. That’s the sweet spot, that’s the focus, that’s what we teach people how to do. That’s who you should plan on paying if you’re going to move into somebody else’s home. If you want to live for free, start your own home.
Five, six, $8,000 a month, that’s a lot of money. How do people afford it? We don’t focus on Medicare and Medicaid. We focus on private-pay, so whether it be long term care insurance or an individual’s income stream from their pension, social security, or liquidating assets — like their own home or other assets and investments — to pay for their assisted living. This is what people typically do for assisted living.
In the even there is a senior who doesn’t have access to those assets, it’s their kids who are taking care of the costs.
So, how do people afford it? Frankly, they take care of it any way they can because they love mom and dad. The seniors we serve have families who make sure their parents have the very best care. 

Note: This Program is only available in select states at this time.
80-Hour Assisted Living Manager Training OHCQ Approved
Note: The Total Price of this Program is $10,000.00, Which is paid in four payments at specific stages of your program.
Please Call Us Before You Make
Your Deposit To Ensure Your Eligibility. 
You have 12 months to pay off the program.