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Residential Assisted Living Startup Checklist for Success

Phase One:   A.    Business Plan B.    80 Hour Assisted Living Managers Training C.    Site (Building or Home) D.   Zoning Permit E.    Fire & Safety Inspection Report F.    Menu Cycle G.   Worker Compensation H.   Site Sketch I.     OHCQ Application J.      Delegating Nurse K.   Application Submission     Phase Two:   A.   Resident Rooms Setup B.   Common Areas Setup C.    Bathroom(s) Setup D.   Kitchen Setup E.    Fire Safety Requirement F.    Hallway Safety     Phase Three (State Surveyor Record Review):   A.   Policies/Procedures/Plans B.   Resident Record / Chart Will Content Template C.    Staff Records (Template) D.   Miscellaneous Records E.    In-Service Training/Knowledge     Phase Four (Admissions):     A.   Resident Agreement B.   Physical Assessment C.    Care Scoring Guide D.   Care Notes E.    Service plan F.    Emergency Data Sheet G.   Resident’s Representative Documentation H.   Physician Orders     Phase Five:   A.   Staff Structure B.   On-Going Training  C.    Referral Network D.   Day – to – Day Operations E.    Marketing / Branding / Advertising F.    Becoming The linchpin in your Marketplace.          


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