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I'm sure by now you have taken multiple steps in towards establishing your home care company. We have received some great responses so far from future business owners who are making great progress. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us with your questions, concerns, or the progress you have made thus far. We really want to hear from you.

Today we are going to begin to cover the topic of securing private clients. The strategies we discuss are not necessary the traditional route but they have worked for us and many of our coaching clients across the country.

  • Elevator Speech
  • Bandit Signs
  • Brochure Racks

Perfect Your Elevator Speech:

For Example: Hi, My name is Allen Chaney, Managing Partner with Just Caring Hands Home Health Services. We offer affordable home care in the Annapolis and surrounding areas. Would you happen to know anyone looking for care as we are always looking to help as many families as possible in the community? By the way we have a great referral program that we pay $500.00 per client you send our way. Take my card a keep in touch.

Bandit Signs:

Check with your target cities laws to ensure you don't get fined. If there laws are strict put them out on Friday and pick them up on Sunday before the city workers sees them. It's a money saver so you don't have to keep buying new signs. is what you want to use when outsourcing Every trail app. is a free app you can use when doing it yourself so you can get track of exactly where ever sign is located.

Call our guy Kurtis at and ask for the Allen Chaney Discount.

Side Note: If your a CNA start getting private clients asap. Work them yourself and use the extra money to build your business. In some cases you can register with Medicare as a independent caregiver and bill them as well.

Brochure Racks

Call all of these places in your target county:

Assisted living Facilities

Nursing homes

Rehabilitation centers

Seniors day care centers

Geriatric doctors

Salons and Day Spas

Note: Statistically it's the eldest daughter who makes the decision for the aging parents. That's why we target areas they frequent.

Making the Call

Keep the call very simple. For example:

"Hi my name is Allen owner of Just Caring Hands a new Home Care Services and we wanted to stop by and introduce ourselves and leave some material about how where helping seniors and there families in the local community."

Create a list with the locations and contact person you spoke with. The goal is to make contact with the discharge nurse and see how your company can help with care once people are sent home.

It's very important to have your stuff together when entering these facilities and businesses. You want to represent your company in the best way possible. Be ready to answer questions about your new business. You want to dress very well and speak well. You want to be personable and likable.

Once you've placed your racks you want to follow-up at least once a month. Not only do you want to refill your racks you want to bring something to give the office. It can be something as simple as flowers to brighten up the office or pastries or donuts for the staff. Just don't go empty handed.


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