Meaningful Relationship Development - Adding Value to Top Referral Sources in your Community

Meaningful Relationship Development (MRD) 50 Calls a day minimum  50 Emails A Day 50 Letters a Day 50 LinkedIn Inmails a Day 30 Office Visits a Week Faxes Top Referral Sources: hospital discharge planners, home health agencies, hospices, skilled nursing facilities, assisted living facilities, state Medicaid waiver programs, department of Aging, case managers, and rehabilitation hospitals, Adult daycare centers.  Problem solving is why you are there! Asking questions and listening and creating your offer around those problems.  Marketing Kit:  • Branded Folder • Brochures  • Mission Statement  • Reference Letter(s) Pro. Letter Head • Insurance & Bond, License if Applicable   • List of Services  • Facility Contract  Community Value Add Opportunities: Expert Events - Estate Planners, Physical Therapist, dementia, Alzheimer's, heart disease, diabetes, Dietary etc.  Workshops: Technology, Social Media (Skype,Facebook), Bingo, Knitting Sales: Rummage, Bake, Kits, consignment  Spa Day: Hair, Nails, Massage etc. Picnic: food, bingo, senior networking  Senior Prom Nights: music, dance, food, wine etc. Pet therapy  Comedy Shows  Farmers Market  Casino Night Family Caregiver Support Group via Classic Movie Series 


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