Home Care Business Coaching Series

We have created this awesome mini coaching series that we are sure you will enjoy. Over the next few weeks we plan to take you step-by-step through the process of starting an profitable home care services. Using the same strategies that allowed us to build our home care service with an shoestring budget, horrible credit, and no business experience. 

In this first email we will be covering:

  • Vision
  • Productivity
  • Accountability 

Outlining Your Vision

This is where you outline the vision you have for your life. This will allow you to see exactly what the life you want looks like. It becomes real once you write it out. Don't be afraid to dream big. If your vision for yourself doesn't make you uncomfortable just by thinking about it, it's not big enough. There are no limits to the vision and goals you can set for yourself so have fun with it a push yourself. Once complete post it somewhere familiar and glance over it at least once a week. Also feel free to update it as you grow and your vision grows. 


Starting and maintaining a productive lifestyle is very important in the beginning stages of entrepreneurship. There is very big difference from being busy and being productive. Being productive is creating a list of meaningful task that will push your business forward, and staying focused on these task until completion. Don’t confuse being busy with being productive. We also recommend starting what we call a “Progress Journal” purchase a composition book and journal daily. Create time stamped logs of what you have accomplished, learned and faced every day. This is a great way to track progress, keep notes and keep moving forward - towards your business and personal goals.


Accountability will be the cornerstone of your success. There must be someone holding you accountable to your goals and vision. We strongly suggest you find someone who you trust and respect to sign an “Accountability Partner Agreement” with. Set up a day and time for accountability calls each week. On these calls your partner will ask you what you completed in the last 7 days, what held you back or distracted you, and how you plan to overcome these things in the following week. You can also create and submit a checklist each week to your partner. This list will help us track your progress and assure we aren’t missing any steps. We go into great detail and have contract you can download in the Virtual Home Care Business coaching. 

We cover these topics and much more in great detail in the Virtual Home Care Business Coaching. The virtual business coaching is a online coaching community were you will learn the ins and outs of becoming a successful home care business owner. You also have the opportunity to network with the hundreds of other members from across the country that, just like you, and starting their home care business from scratch.



  • I’m very interested in your program. I have many questions.

    Lawanda Irving
  • Hello,
    My name is Jeanine Calhoun I would like for you to send me a phone number so I can talk about getting started with opening a home healthcare agency.

    Jeanine Calhoun
  • Hello,
    My name is Jeanine Calhoun I would like for you to send me a phone number so I can talk about getting started with opening a home healthcare agency.

    Jeanine Calhoun
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