"Entrepreneurs Meet" - The #1 Dating Group For Entrepreneurs

"Entrepreneurs Meet" - The #1 Dating Group For Entrepreneurs

There are huge differences in lifestyle, mindset, schedule, values, between the working masses and entrepreneurs. My recent return to the dating scene has presented me with a real problem, like minded eligible woman are hard to find.

On most of the dating sites I've only ran across employees government or corporate. Granted some of them do proclaim to have "Side-hustles" that they would love to take full time but I'm yet to meet those who have taken the leap.

So because of this dilemma, my entrepreneurial spirit as problem solver and the free time that financial freedom has blessed me with I'm started this group to help.

Things to come:
- Singles Conference Calls
- Local Events
- Meet & Greets
- Group Trips (Local & Global)
- Fusion Nights (Mingle & Pitch)
- Business Workshops
- Seminars / Webinars

All Member Suggestions Welcomed!!

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  • Hello I have an agency need some help with structure and marketing how to take my business to the next level 313-742-0200

    Ruby Scott

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