Caring For Your Caregivers

As a home care owner, you already understand everyone has needs that need to be met. You want your clients to feel loved, appreciated and respected. So why shouldn’t you want your employees to feel the same way? Helping people with their tasks every day is so rewarding but can also be very exhausting. The caregivers need to know they are valued for doing this challenging work. When your caregivers feel appreciated, you can reduce turnover and build a fantastic staff who understands the importance of their jobs. Caregiver turnover is the biggest threat to the industry today. According to the 2017 Benchmarking Study caregiver turnover was at a 65.7%. It’s becoming more of a problem each year as most business owners disclose this is the biggest threat to the industry. When asked what ways the caregivers want to be recognized, responses such as verbal recognition, pay raises, bonuses, and company-wide recognition was in the top answers.

American businessman Bill Maris said “You want to work with people you are excited about and they are excited about you. It’s a two-way street.” For your caregivers to be excited about your goals for the company, you need to be excited about having them as a member of your team.

One of the biggest trials caregivers go through is caregiver burnout. Just because an employee tells you that they are doing fine, doesn’t mean they are actually doing fine. You need to be aware of your caregivers and watch for indications they may be burnt out and need a short break or a boost in their morale. By doing this, you can prevent caregivers from wanting to quit their jobs, and realize the company they work for really does have their back. Here are a few different physical attributes of a stressed or burned out caregiver that you can look out for:

  • Reduced quality of work
  • Excessive irritability
  • Loss of sense of humor
  • Physical illness
  • Weight gain or loss
  • Heightened anxiety levels

When you pay attention to and interact with your caregivers to see if any of them exhibit these signs of stress, you will build relationships with your caregivers and strengthen the bond of mutual trust and respect. Caregivers who know you care are more likely to speak openly about concerns they have with their job, letting you know what is wrong so you can assist in helping the caregiver feel valued and filling their need of being understood by an employer.

Caring for your caregivers and making them feel like a valued aspect of your company will help them feel as though they make a difference. You will start seeing a difference in caregiver retention in your company, and provide your clients with top caregivers. Your employees just need to know you care for them, that you are a friend and offer a listening ear. Caregivers who understand this and know that they are appreciated will be happier, and more loyal to your agency. Remember, your clients are not the only aspect of your company that needs exceptional care. Care for your caregivers too.


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