Caregivers: The Frontline Of Home Care | The Do's and Don't's of Finding & Keeping Top Talent

  1. Referrals
  2. Craigslist 
  3. Churches 
  1. Appreciation 
  2. Bonuses 
  3. Continued Education: Assisted Living Manager, Certified Medical Technician, 
  4. Mentorship 
  1. Hire friends 
  2. Get personal 
  3. Break your own rules 
  4. Play with the money 
  5. Overlook Clear Signs
  1. Set goals with your caregivers 
  2. Catch them doing something right 
  3. Sandwich The Negative 
  4. Document everything (Good and Bad)
  5. Birthday cards, Holiday Cards,  Turkeys, Christmas Bonuses 
  6. Create a support system, Team Mindset 


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