86-Year-Old Hospitalized After Viral Video Shows Nursing Home Abuse, Family Files Police Report

A Texas family has filed a police report with the Texas City Police Department after an 86-year-old was hospitalized following recorded abuse by his nursing home staff. 


In a viral video captured by the elderly man’s granddaughter, two staff members at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation in Texas City can be seen dragging and kicking the man before slamming him onto the bed and drawing the curtain. The facility, which had previously been known as The Resort, had informed the family that the man had “fallen out of bed.” Little did they know, the granddaughter had installed her own camera in her grandfather’s room.


“We went back on the video footage and my grandfather had not fallen he slid off the bed,” the granddaughter anonymously told ABC13. “That’s when I started recording the video I had posted.”


The young woman, who goes by Nayeli Salinas on Twitter, said her family had installed a camera in his room because of previous incidents involving staff at Solidago Health and Rehabilitation.


“I was furious for a second. I had time to cool off, and I was just speechless,” she said. “I know it does happen, but I didn’t think it would happen to my grandfather.”


“My grandfather was being abused today @ the resort in TexasCity. He was sent out for a fall, I went to the nursing home, & they didn’t know where he was sent to, I asked questions regarding to the video, and they asked me to leave. Is this how nursing homes should treat patients?” she wrote in the caption of the original video.


She then followed it up with a photo of her grandfather with two black eyes.


“In the video footage after closing the curtain they spend 20 minutes with him,” she wrote. “Im so fucking disgusted, I found my grampa with both of his eyes bruised and with a neck brace on.”


It’s unclear yet if any criminal charges will be filed against the facility or its staff members, but Solidago shared the following response with ABC13.


“The health and safety of our residents remains our first priority,” they said in a statement. “Our thoughts are with the resident and the family. Solidago Health and Rehabilitation enforces strict policies prohibiting patient abuse. Prompt action has been taken to ensure our residents are safe. Any violations of the abuse policy are reported to the appropriate agencies and legal authorities and the facility works closely with those agencies.”


According to Texas Health and Human Services Commission records, inspectors discovered 11 violations of state standards at Solidago during their most recent check-in last July.


Source: Complex Media 

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