5 Ways to Boost Your Traditional Marketing Materials

Is a Facebook page becoming the new flyer? Marketing materials have matured and grown throughout the years but does this mean that you should escape from using the traditional business card, pamphlet, and postcard? Of course not! By learning how the home care market responds to these specific items, you can utilize them to the best of your ability. Carefully analyze the message these materials are sending to potential clients.

Here are five secrets to turn your pamphlets and postcards into strategic marketing materials.


These materials are just a glimpse into your company. You don’t want to send them a novel to read, so write out the most important things your agency does and what sets you apart from the other home care providers. Pages full of plain text can exhaust your potential clients and can feel busy or overwhelming. Make sure to use white space in your design so your readers have a break in the text. Bullet points and lists might also help you organize what you want to say so you can condense important topics to make them easier to read. If your content reads smoothly, more people will read the materials in full.


You want your audience to remember your company, right? To do this you need to write about what makes your company stand out from the rest. Figure out what your home care brand is and use those unique aspects of your company. Placing your logo on all your materials like brochures, business cards, notepads and even writing utensils is important. It shows you have consistency in your branding. Consistency also includes using the same color schemes and design elements. Do your marketing materials strengthen one another? This could be a good indicator of if your materials are an appropriate representation of your company. If they don’t match up, try again until you find the correct branding.


When a potential client is looking at your literature, chances are before they have read one word they have already checked out the photos. If your photos are professional and relate to your business they will draw positive attention to your marketing materials. Photos can leave an impression on your client’s mind of what type of care you wish to provide. No matter what size your company is, you are never too small to invest in quality photos of your facility and staff. This will help your potential clients see that you are a friendly company without even reading a word.


How would you explain this information to your own grandma? Trying to make your information sound personal and not like a textbook might be the key to referrals or gaining clients. Don’t overwhelm your readers with jargon they might not understand. Engage your readers by adding life to a dry subject. You can do this by understanding who your target audience is. Age range, income, etc. should play a huge role in how you write your material. Always consider who you are writing for.


It is perfectly okay to sing your own praises and mention you won awards for your business. Whether they be local awards you have earned or a Best of Home Care Award you have received, your consumers want to know what you excel at. Awards and recognitions are proof you are a quality home care company and a place where a loved one could be trusted with your caregivers. Do you have any testimonials you could add to your website, literature or social media pages? Reviews can provide authenticity to your company and shine a light on what real people who have used your services feel about your company.

Your marketing materials could possibly be the first point of contact with a potential client. When you are designing and writing your materials keep in mind the above tips and you will see how this marketing plunge will pay for itself. Make a lasting impression on everyone who comes across your marketing merchandise.


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